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To disable: Follow the above instructions. On step five, select Obtain DNS server address automatically on the last screen (or replace our Internet Guide addresses with your recursive resolver IPs). Please note: If you enable Internet Guide through the Dyn Updater, you must also disable Internet Guide through the client.
These symptoms indicate that your current IP address is registered also at least with another Internet Guide defense plan, and that you're using these defense plans randomly or round robin, almost not hitting your defense plan and its settings. Unlike with OpenDNS where an IP address can be registered
Norton DNS Beta Norton DNS vs ClearCloud DNS. Comodo Secure DNS - Comparing three different DNS services who are suppose to block malware webpages. pinging time to the dns server does not really make much of a difference. Now I just use OpenDNS. Download >> Download Dyn internet guide vs opendns
17 Aug 2010 I prefer DynDns Internet Guide since it has control panel where you can whitelist sites, add categories like regarding DynDNS vs. OpenDNS. Just switched to DynDNS from OpenDNS as DNS Benchmark gives me a faster response from both of their servers. :).
No, OpenDNS provides domain name servers, DynDNS provides free redirects, for game servers, ftp servers, etc I personally prefer old IP address). To resolve this, DynDNS basically provides the missing piece - it connects to dyndns to your current IP.
15 Jan 2017 If you are looking for DNS based content filtering and threat protection check out It is a very simple to configure on your router/WiFi Network or Server and has many categories to select to allow or block, detailed reporting and a customizable block page with bypass feature. This is a nice
So for my home network with a fixed IP I use OpenDNS, I am very happy with the service, the only complaints I have about OpenDNS are that the stats on my connection are not as detailed enough. I look at Internet Guide and at first glance it appears to be a direct competitor with OpenDNS, only way less
I started using DynDNS IG, because I wanted to help avoid internet security risks, as just simply using their DNS, filters known malicious IPs and Domains, which is handy because some people just aren't good at identifying malicious sites, or when they are being highjacked, or duped. I then paid later for
3 Sep 2015 Comodo Secure DNS is the name of a professional level of cloud security provider that resolves the DNS request via its latest DNS servers. It provides a faster and reliable internet searching without any extra installation of hardware, software or any other program. Currently, it has over fifteen nodes, and
30 Apr 2016 Compare DNSFilter vs OpenDNS vs SafeDNS vs GreenTeamDNS vs Dyn vs Comodo Secure DNS vs Norton ConnectSafe vs Xerocole.