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9 Jul 2009 I had two Mitsubishi WD-62627 DLP monitors used in Sega House of The Dead 4 simulator games that started going black and white and flashing images on the screen. Suspecting it was the color wheel, I removed the light engines and the color wheels, squirted liberal amounts of lighter fluid in the color
A Samsung DLP TV in the throes of colorwheel failure makes odd noises that could sound right at home in the soundtrack of a horror movie: bumps and the ability to follow a relatively complex set of instructions for accessing the part, removing and replacing it may be able to work through the repair in two or three hours.
My early build (June 2005) HL-R6168W blew its color wheel several weeks ago and I was thiiiis close to buying a Aquos 65 LCD to replace it before. During the repair instructions, orientation is fixed from behind the TV where you'll be sitting, so left means towards the AV inputs, and right means closer to
17 Jun 2008
23 Jun 2008
Maybe that's just my imagination, but it certainly is quiet. I was skeptical I could fix my 9 year old Samsung DLP TV myself for 90 bucks, but after watching a couple youtube videos I gave it a shot. It took me about 3 hours to tear my tv apart, install the colorwheel and put it all back together, but that was mainly due to my trying
Color Wheel Assy Samsung Part Number BP96-00674A ($139.47 with shipping, Amazon) Service Center Cost $400+, parts and labor. Vendor Direct: Place the TV on a TV Stand or work bench. 1. Remove the 12 screws holding the back cover and remove cover.
Here is how to fix the problem. Step 1 Color Wheel. Purchase a Color Wheel: I found a few different places that carried this replacement part. NOTES. Remove the back panel from the television set. Remove the projector lamp. Remove the panel on the left side by removing two screws holding it in place.
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