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Starting up a new game of FFVII and I was wondering what party you guys think is the best. I usually go Cloud, I usually go Cloud, Tifa, and Red XIII but I'm not sure if that is the "best" group or not. Thanks! 73 comments . I always level everyone evenly and switch out part members often. But if I had to
I'm playing this game for the first time (I know) and just beat disc 1. I loved Aeris and am mortified that I will no longer be able to use
28 Oct 2005 A) Introduction This faq's purpose is to give you an indept description of each playable (and non) character in Final Fantasy VII. I will give you . Or similarly, good for iniating the first hit of the battle, in either an offensive or defensive form by usage of a supportive materia, such as hasting the rest of the party.
Red XIII for example has a very large period of time where he's a very good party member because he has access to the Seraph Comb, which is much stronger than most of your other weapons at the time. During the Wutai subquest, without materia, characters with long range abilities are quite handy,
18 Aug 2013 Never did I change party members, unless it was necessary to do so for the progression of the story. The reason I prefer this setup, is because I just feel the most comfortable with it. Tifa's level 4 limit break is fantastic, and Red XIII's ultimate weapon is also good, since it's almost identical to Cloud's ultimate
Instead of wasting time raising characters who are useless, which two would you FFVII fans recommend. Cid is a good fighter, he's the only other one with a weapon that has triple AP points, and he has decent limit breaks. Hey, it's always great to have the lead characters' best friend in the party, don't you think.
10 Feb 2010 Right now at this moment Aeris left me to the City of Ancients and I am off to the bone site. Ive used as my party Cloud, Tifa and Aeris. But now with
7 Dec 2015 Well in my personal opinion, the best party over all is Cloud (because he is mandatory) Yuffie since (spoilers) you lose Aeris before the end of part one your party) and Cid or Nanaki (aka Red XIII) Though by the end of the game i find myself using Cid the most as my third party member mostly because cid
15 Oct 2016 Unlike the previous installments in the Final Fantasy series, there are no jobs/classes in Final Fantasy 7 and no distinction between White and Black magic. Low attributes: none; Traditional class: Hero (superior red mage); Weapon: Swords; Best materia-growing weapon: Apocalypse FF7 single materia