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29 Dec 2012 If there's one obvious negative to Halo 4 it's in the small selection of maps the game ships with. It goes a step further when you realize most maps only show up in a subset of the available playlists. Needless to say, the Crimson Map Pack is a welcome addition that adds three very versatile maps. The new
5 Nov 2012
4 Apr 2013 Multiplayer - Halo 4: Halo 4's Multiplayer is called Infinity, named after a massive 3 kilometer-long vessel (called the UNSC Infinity) sent into deep space stocked with
13 Apr 2013 The Halo 4 Castle Map Pack has arrived, bringing along three new maps and rounding out the game's season pass offerings. Will there be m
6 Nov 2012 You waited for months, stood outside Gamestop in the freezing cold, and finally got home to enjoy some of your very rare free time playing Halo 4. Then you got absolutely trounced. Yeah, losing sucks. Not everyone's got the time or dedication required to become a master of a game, but that's okay. We've
8 Nov 2012 Having played its fair share of Halo 4 multiplayer during the review phase, has amassed the following tips on weapons and loadouts for all those players looking to get ahead in life aboard the Infinity.
Welcome to the 2010 version of Busted Halo's Freshman Survival Guide — the first college guide to offer a holistic look into the lives of relationships and lifestyle — with guidance on coping with the emotional and spiritual issues college students face. Here are our online Freshman Survival Guide resources for 2010:.
Enlarge The Strongest Survive Stalk the weaker players first; it is always better to pick up a kill from a
2 Mar 2013 Halo 4's second map pack, Majestic, adds three new maps designed for close-quarters, fast-paced combat. They're small in size, densely-packed, and great for 8-player matches. They also feature some of the best backdrops in the entire game, but don't get caught staring! The kills come fast and hard in the