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10 infant manikins, 100 disposable lungs, instruction card and video in durable carry bag with shoulder strap. Weight 5.5 kg (12 lb.)
1 Mar 2010
Actar 911 Squadron. Product No.: AA-1830. Price: $685.00 (10 pack) (without child pistons). Includes 10 adult manikins, 100 disposable lungs, 10 triple- action airways, instructions, video, and nylon Squadron bag with shoulder strap. Weight: 17 lbs. Actar 911 Patrol. Product No.: AA-1825. Price: $435.00 (5 Pack) (without
ACTAR 911*. The basic but effective CPR training manikin comes standard as an adult size, but easily converts to child size with the Cadet Pac. (sold separately). ACTAR Patrol*. Includes five adult manikins, disposable lungs, airways, instructions and video, all packed in an easy to carry nylon bag. ACTAR Squadron*
Actar 911 Infantry. $335.00 - $620.00. Save course time; One manikin per student; No waiting, no sharing. More hands-on practice; Save money; Disposable lungs are more affordable than comparable airway systems; Save time after class; Heads are easy to clean and disinfect; Molded body - no internal cleaning; Save
10 adult manikins, 100 disposable lungs, video, instruction card and a durable nylon bag with carry handles and shoulder strap. Weight 8 kg (17 lb.)
actar sample exam - [Full Version] actar sample exam leading to development of the ACTAR 911 manikin. The study will guide future direction for programming. Actar study guide - free ebooks download. Actar study guide download on free books and manuals search - Operation And. Maintenance
Disposable ACTAR 911 - Adult/child lungs. Available in packages of 100 stored in handy pouch with instruction card.
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ACTAR 911 - Infantry lungs available in packs of 100, stored in a handy pouch with an instruction card.