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12 Sep 2011 Eden Eternal Town Guide [Aven] The auction house charges a 5% transaction fee based on the amount of gold you wish to price the item at. Here at the Auction House you can buy any item you want [depends on availability] for you to sell items to others IT MUST BE ON A "BIND ON EQUIP" item or
24 Oct 2017 Eden eternal leveling guide 20-30 lb - escribio en bzvuvmm: Download Eden eternal leveling guide 20-30 lb >> Online Eden eternal leveling guide 20-30 lb >> eternal vendetta twin saga how to level up fast eden eternal leveling guide 2017 twin saga
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Basics (1) When the player reaches lv35, the player can visit any one of the house managers to rent a personal house. Only one house per person and one renter per house. Aven House Manager (Aven: 318, 307); Golden City House Manager (Golden Plains: 421, 292); Forest Eden House Manager
30 Sep 2011
I made a list of furniture for people to use if they wish to decorate their houses~Please let me know if any are missing, I will update it and add it when
Just in case you accidentally sell your favorite sword, every vendor in Eden Eternal has a special buyback feature! This allows The Auction House main menu gives you a few options for finding an item you'd like to buy. To sell an item at the Auction House, select the Auction tab at the left of the auction window. A new
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28 Jul 2014 Players on Eden Eternal who reach level 35 can take part in the player housing feature that allows them to have their own private space in the game. Although instead of actually owning the houses, players are required to rent them out, costing them 52 gold at level 35, but with each level after level 35, the
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