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Here you will easily find all of our installation instructions, tech bulletins, and product updates for our entire range of products. Welcome to the FSA Documentation page. Accessories Bolts & spares Bottle cage Bottom brackets & spares Brakes Chains Cranksets Headset & spares Seatpost Stems Wheelsets & spares.
Apply a thin layer of grease to bearings, cups, races, and compression rings. Integrated models only, insert bearings directly into head tube bearing seat. 6. Slide fork steerer through the head tube.
7 Oct 2010
Faq. Is there a way to have the instructions or technical documents about your products? Yes, there is. In each product page there is a section called Inside tech in which you find the technical documents or instructions. Where can I find FSA videos? You can find our videos on our YouTube channel here. Which are the FSA
4 May 2011
If you enjoy biking, you may want to upgrade to an FSA headset for improved performance and handling. Before buying a headset, however, you should learn about different types of headsets and understand which one is the best choice for your bike. You can also take on FSA headset installation yourself and save the time
Integrated Headset Install. These instructions are to be used as a guide only. Improperly installed parts may lead to severe injury or harm. We strongly recommend that a properly trained bike mechanic handle all installations, adjustments and repairs on your bike. As alwaysRide Safe! XP Innovation LLC. 1-888-888-DANS
For Internally Threaded and Threaded Headsets, follow above instructions to: Mount the crown race onto the fork steerer, Press the cups into the head tube. Headset assembly: 1. Apply a thin layer of grease to all mating parts.
Check the fork for any indication of damage: deep impressions, cuts, etc. •. Check the stem for sharp edges and/or burrs that can damage or scratch the fork surface. Be sure to remove any burrs with fine sandpaper before assembly. b If you need additional details, explanation, or instructions, please contact Bianchi's


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