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25 Jul 2014
Imperial Sector. ?70 Email me. Gift List. Previous. Uploaded by salaisefigurine. Uploaded by theunbrokenchain. Uploaded by riccardomargarolo. Uploaded by topminiatures. Uploaded by riccardomargarolo. Uploaded by riccardomargarolo. Uploaded by warhammerchermside. Uploaded by riccardomargarolo. Uploaded by
29 Oct 2013 Imperial Sector is something I had bought while playing 5th edition regularly at the Games Workshop Battle Bunker in Glen Burnie. Purchased Now that these are all done to a basic standard there's nothing stopping us from painting the details as we see fit, but these are ready to game at this point!
I recently finished building and painting up some Imperial sector buildings (which had been under the bed for too long) so lets dip into the box and see how they turned out. I bought the following kits To complete the kits (assuming you want to follow this guide) you will need: Superglue Blutack (is there
13 Apr 2015
21 Jul 2014 Games Workshop have broken out Duncan Rhodes once again to show you how to paint up those huge Sector Imperialis Realm of Battle Boards that just hit their webstore.
11 Aug 2012 So first up are the buildings from the Imperial Sector box. I was lucky enough to find this box in my local store at the old price of about ?52 rather than the new ?70 price. I hadn't intended to buy it but I knew I'd regret not buying it. It took me a couple of weeks to assemble the buildings which was slow by my
14 Oct 2016
28 Dec 2016 I'll be continuing this through the rest of my Imperial Fists. And eventually I'll go back and rebase already painted minis. I really like the rust effect on the box art and might want to play with that. There's a great tutorial from Warhammer TV that shows you how to paint rust. In short, you dry brush Ryza Rust