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13 Dec 2015 Uhnn. they should work. Stock Dosbox, set cycles to max to avoid stuttering, and then start the usual DoxBox routine by starting the executable. I've played them last year from the disks, and I found no problems. #1. Retroburn · View Profile View Posts. Dec 13, 2015 @ 6:03am. Originally posted by Dayyalu
I played EarthSiege II this way for the longest time in those halcyon days pre-Windows 10 and even intended to include it on this site, but alas it doesn't work on support for CD audio (NOTE - the new CC update has the full game complete with CD audio working for all systems thanks to some masterful DOSBox trickery).
EarthSiege installs in DOSBox with no trouble, but crashes immediately when launched in DOSBox. During install, the audio hardware detected by SOUNDSET.EXE is Gravis Ultra Sound. Solution #1: Apply this patch. Solution #2: If GUS is disabled in the dosbox.conf, SOUNDSET
Starsiege - This updated installer can rip and compress Starsiege's Redbook CD-Audio tracks for CD-less music during game play. .. So from the DOSBox prompt you could use the command cycles=36000 to set it to 36 Mhz. Or just press Ctrl+F12 to increase the cpu by .5 Mhz until it starts working well.
Earthsiege 2. « on: February 09, 2014, 11:42:42 PM ». I'll not beat around the bush I'm looking for a iso of the old, old game "Earthsiege 2". I already checked Re: Earthsiege 2. « Reply #6 on: February 10, 2014, 06:28:21 PM ». I was hoping to get it to run through some sort of VM. DosBox was my first choice, but I don't
I bought copies of Earthsiege 1 and 2 quite a while ago when I found them in a thrift shop. I wasn't very familiar with anything outside Windows at the time, and compatibility only went so far. Nowadays, I can make the game run fairly sothly. Any suggestions? "Skip it" isn't an option. I grew up on
14 Jul 2016
Indeed, Earth Siege 2 was a Windows program (if there was a DOS version or a way to run it as a DOS application I'm not aware of it). May be quite tough to get it to run on newer OSes. The original game was a native DOS program, though, so you shouldn't have any trouble to make it run via DOSBox.
23 Jan 2007 Recently I try to start old Earthsiege under DosBox. Game itself works very good, but not intro schemes. 1. It seems, game not found CD-ROM (because it says just before movies "..intro3.avi not found"). Intro3 is on CD, and readme says "you can see movies in better quality, _if_ you insert CD". So maybe it's
14 Mar 2010 Hi, I have a problem installing Earthsiege. I own the original CD. Copied all the stuff into a folder and tried to run the install.bat in Dosbox 0.73. Also tried it directly from CD with the mounted drive. Same problem. The installer says the usual stuff: This programm will let you specify what type of hardware is

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