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Manual Version 1.4. 504/504-US. Operator's. Manual. 9189 Catalog Number 587. Part No. 407888001 This publication is to be used solely for the purposes of reference, operation, maintenance or repair of Criticare in the event of an inadvertent or deliberate publication, Criticare intends to enforce its rights to this.
Parts lists and block diagrams have been included to help the technician understand how the monitor systems operate. Criticare Systems Inc. does not intend service to be performed on the circuit boards by anvone except the Griticare Service. Department. Britioare 5vsterns, Inc. EUBDXE Series Service Manual Page 1-1
Criticare. Systems, Inc., shall not be liable for errors contained herein nor for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material. This publication may refer to information and products protected by copyrights or patents and does not convey any license under the patent
504DX / 504DXP Operator's Manual. Cat. No. This publication is to be used solely for the purposes of reference, operation, maintenance, or repair of Criticare equipment. No part Those having access to this work may not copy, use, or disclose the information in this work unless expressly authorized by Criticare to do so.
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Overview. The 504DX digital oximeter is a compact, lightweight and designed for the way you work. With DOX® pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring, the 504DX offers the reliability and ease of use which Criticare customers have come to expect. Full-featured audible and visual alarms ensure accurate extended,
Critical Care Redefined. Founded in 1984, Criticare Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is an international medical device company headquartered in North Kingstown, RI. CTI develops, markets and distributes a wide range of patient monitoring devices and anesthetic gas monitoring systems which incorporate technological
The 504DX digital oximeter is exceptionally compact, lightweight, and designed for the way you work. With advanced DOX pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring, the 504DX digital oximeter offers the reliability and ease of use that have put. Criticare monitors in a class by themselves. Full-featured audible and visual
And after relying only in battery power, it does not even work. I suspect it may be the ERG inverter LPS05-2-1, the TIP32 SILICON PNP SWITCHING TRANSISTOR or something else at the power supply. All capacitors seems fine, diodes and zener diodes look good, also measured them all. If you have service manual and/or

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