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16 Mar 2017 Contents. [hide]. 1 Combat Maneuvers List. 1.1 Warrior Exclusive Maneuvers; 1.2 Other Options; 1.3 Martial Stances. 2 Armor Specialization; 3 Shield Specializations; 4 Guild Skills; 5 Guard and Protect; 6 Warrior Statistic Growth Rates; 7 References; 8 Resources. 8.1 Officials Folders; 8.2 Guides
Hello and welcome to my two handed Warrior guide! In this guide I will give advice on stats and training for a two handed Warrior. Everything in this guide is based upon my experience and should not be taken as law. Things change everyday and what I might say today could be wrong tomorrow, So I will try to keep this
Additionally spell skill requirements are not universal for all professions, they are relative within a profession. Understanding that most clerics will train in weapon/shield rather than aim for staves Uliq, the overzealous cleric GM, could quite easily make sure that cleric spells require less magical abilities. So for equivalent
Shields add to your Total Defense (TD - effectively this is DS for spells), and with a little training a vultite shield will add more than 50 to your TD/DS in full offense. On the other hand, magical helms, bracers, and greaves, which are available to 2H warriors, have no effect on your TD. As a result, a 2H warrior with good
22 Feb 2006 [Archive] Brute strength and fighting skill pave the way of the warrior. Bring your battle-heightened senses here to pass on your legacy.
Changes to armor training implemented in March 2009 may make some warriors now contemplate training beyond 140 ranks for plate. Certainly Bremerial - at her 98th train - decided to plough points into this area, although this had more to do with the benefits of redux. Damage reduction (REDUX) is the inherent ability of a
These are only some common options and opinions for training. A few plateau's that are held by later game are you need 30 ranks of climbing and swimming where some will advise 40 or even 50 ranks for end-game areas. Ambush to 24 or 30 ranks tends to be common as you approach
Hello! I'm a new Giantman Warrior looking for advice on training. I want to play with two weapons so that and edged weapons to the max whenever possible. I'm curious about the rest of the skills and how they might benefit me? - Should I be spending any points in any of the Magic Skills categories?
Warriors Guides Gemstone IV Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying: Describes how to train to swing a two-handed weapon effectively, along with Flintum's Warrior Guide - Covers training and step-by-step instructions for the first warriors several years. guides Also contains suggestions for the later warriors training.
Before I go into the guide too much, I wanted to say a few things about what this guide is for, mention goals and a few other things. First off, when I The training skills are 2 weapons, armor, shield, cm, multi-ops, climbing, swimming, ambush, physical training, ohe, ohb, 2 handed weapon, polearms, and brawling. Subtract a