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Tender Temp by Mabis Ear thermometer: How to change setting its(from manual for this product: Product Support from Mabis DMI Healthcare.
12 Aug 2015
Instruction Manual in English and Spanish 15-600-000_IM1.pdf 18-200-000 MABIS® TenderTemp® One-Second Ear Thermometer Instruction Manual in
fahrenheit tempteller ear thermometer When machine is off, User instructions for the or Arm Use, 50/box - BRIGGS HEALTHCARE Mabis TenderTemp Ear.
Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer I do wish the operating instructions were a little easier RECHARGEABLE BATTERY, 09-390 Mabis TenderTemp™ Ear.
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Remove the battery if the thermometer will not be used for an extended period of time. Store in a sun-free and dust-free, dry area at a temperature between 68°F – 122°F (20°C – 50°C). Protect the thermometer from severe impact or shock. Keep stored in the protective storage case.
for return shipping and insurance to: MABIS Healthcare, Attn: Repair instructions to achieve the most accurate temperatures and safe operation. With.

Thermometer MABIS TenderTem 18-200-000 Instruction Manual. Ear thermometer (11 pages). Thermometer MABIS RapidTemp Instruction Manual. (11 pages)